Experience a new dimension of
  Bed & Breakfast travel !!!

Finally, it's time for a vacation just for you...

Imagine, a full 14-day vacation where, on the first day, you are picked up at the airport by your bed & breakfast crew and, from that moment on, you never have to hail a cab, worry about reserving tickets, figure out where to eat or pack up and shuttle yourself to the next location.

Each of our vacation packages includes travel to three distinct locations like Yosemite and Sequoia national parks with a plethora of activities and entertainment at each one.   For you, it's a no-brainer and here's how  RoadTripBnB  makes this all-inclusive vacation package happen...

See how much fun a traveling bed & breakfast can be and explore our touring Vacation Packages.

Let your Bed & Breakfast do the traveling for you...

Your bed & breakfast is a luxurious state-of-the-art RV motor coach which is staffed with a driver and a host/hostess/chef who will be attending to your needs around the clock.

The RV will also be towing a minivan for taking day trips at each location along the journey as well as for general chauffeuring service throughout your vacation.

When you are ready, also visit our Planning page so that you are aware of what to look forward to.

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"Without a doubt, the most exciting, relaxing, care-free travel I have ever experienced..." - Kerry M. (United Kingdom)

RoadTripBnB  is not so much a "bed & breakfast" as it is a "bed & breakfast & lunch & dinner & snacks".

Sightseeing on the road to each location will be done in luxury to include satellite internet WiFi even when the RV is in motion.

We also teach a class about motorcoach and RV operation for a long trip to several locations.

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What people are saying about our experiential vacation tours...

"Hiking at Yosemite and Sequoia was breath-takingly beautiful
but I think the kids had the most fun at Bass Lake where
they went water skiing, horseback riding and fishing."   - Anna G. (Ohio)

"The best family vacation ever! - I would recommend this trip
for everyone."   - Sharron L. (Canada)

"I have heard that the new trend in vacation leisure is
experiential travel and roadtripbnb is exactly what they are
talking about."   - James P. (New York)

"It was such a peaceful vacation traveling the wine country
that my husband and I have booked again for 2019."   - Lucy S. (Washington)

"Since we returned from our trip I have been such a nuisance to all my freinds
raving about RoadTrip B&B that one of them actually wants to
go with us in a second RV next summer."   - Jenny R. (Idaho)

"We have been to America a couple of times for our vacation
but this was very special for my children. We had such fun
and we got to know many people with a deeper experience."   - Noriko F. (Japan)