Information on this page applies to all vacation road trips unless otherwise noted.

1)  Health and safety

Generally speaking, the most important health consideration is altitude above sea-level during the Classic California Summer road trip. For those who may be sensitive to altitude you will be going up to 6,000 to 8,000 feet above sea-level (1,830m - 2,440m) during excursions to the national parks in the Sierra Nevada mountains. All other tours remain under 3,000 feet (1,000m) above sea-level.

Another consideration is the sun. California is known for clear days and fairly intense sunshine for most of the year espesially during the period of the year that our road trips are running. So please be prepared to use high SPF suntanning lotion products if you intend to swim or sun-bathe. Note that these products are, of course, readily available during our tours so it is not absolutely necessary that you pack them.

Finally, if any party is reliant on medical prescriptions of any kind, they are responsible for making sure that they bring enough of the prescriptions to last the full two weeks as the tours are not necessarily always in places where medical prescriptions can be conveniently filled.

2)  Weather and clothing

The weather in California during the months that our tours are running (May through September) is considered nice spring and summery weather. You should consider bringing clothes appropriate for that kind of weather to include sport or sporty, swim-wear, rugged clothing for hikes and dress-casual for times when we will attend exhibits and fine dining restaurants. Also, while the weather is usually quite comfortable and beautiful, it can get chilly at times so bring a sweater and light waterproof jacket. For those who are going into the Sierra Nevada mountains on the Classic California Summer tour be sure to bring appropriate mountain hiking shoes and clothing to include a medium heavier jacket.

Don't forget to bring backpacks and other carriable bags that you might use for variety of occasions. Also, we very often get days when the sunshine is intense enough for the UV (ultra-violet) index gets high enough to reach 7, 8, 9 and even 10 out of 10 so, it is highly recommended that you bring sun-glasses that block UV light even if you don't normally wear them where you live. You should also consider appropriate shading hats that might make you feel more comfortable in the sun.

3)  Packing and travel

The first thing to think of is just how much baggage can you bring and that usually means how much weight. The answer is fairly simple, the motor-coach will carry up to 1,200 pounds (544 kilograms) for your personal belongings and that translates to an average of 200 pounds (90 kilograms) per person for up to 6 people. In general, we do not care how many items of luggage you bring however, no single item may weigh more than 65 pounds (30 kilograms) nor can any single item exceed 75 inches (190 centimeters) in length or 32 inches (81 centimeters) in width or 25 inches (64 centimeters) in depth.

The first consideration of travel to and from RoadTripBnB is that we do not currently have any special deals with airlines or other forms of long-distance transportation so getting to our location and leaving to go back home is entirely up to you. However, what that means is that our crew will pick your party up virtually anywhere in the "San Francisco Bay Area" and shuttle you free of charge to our Santa Cruz location. This shuttle service can include to major airports like San Francisco International (SFO) or Oakland International (OAK) or other regional airport, hotels/motels or other address in the Bay Area.

If you are on one of our tours that starts on the 1st of the month then we shuttle you to our location in Santa Cruz from the Bay Area on the 1st and when it is time to leave on the 14th we shuttle you back to a location of your choice in the Bay Area also free of charge. Likewise, if you are on one of our tours that starts on the 15th of the month then we shuttle your party to Santa Cruz on the 15th and then back to the Bay Area on the 28th of the same month.

What people are saying about our experiential vacation tours...

"Without a doubt, the most exciting, relaxing,
care-free travel I have ever experienced."   - Kerry M. (United Kingdom)

"Hiking at Yosemite and Sequoia was breath-takingly beautiful
but I think the kids had the most fun at Bass Lake where
they went water skiing, horseback riding and fishing."   - Anna G. (Ohio)

"The best family vacation ever! - I would recommend this trip
for everyone."   - Sharron L. (Canada)

"I have heard that the new trend in vacation leisure is
experiential travel and roadtripbnb is exactly what they are
talking about."   - James P. (New York)

"It was such a peaceful vacation traveling the wine country
that my husband and I have booked again for 2019."   - Lucy S. (Washington)

"Since we returned from our trip I have been such a nuisance to all my freinds
raving about RoadTrip B&B that one of them actually wants to
go with us in a second RV next summer."   - Jenny R. (Idaho)

"We have been to America a couple of times for our vacation
but this was very special for my children. We had such fun
and we got to know many people with a deeper experience."   - Noriko F. (Japan)