Information on this page applies to all vacation road trips unless otherwise noted.

1)  General tour prices

Each of our road trip vacations lasts for two weeks (14 days) and, unlike a traditional bed and breakfast where there can be several parties who are complete strangers to each other, the RoadTripBnB facility is an RV which is occupied only by your party for the entire vacation. You can have up to 6 people in your party. Each vacation package starts at $11,995 for double occupancy and $2,395 for each additional person.

The total price for your vacation package is the total of the price for all persons as stated above and includes all taxes and fees - this is an all-inclusive vacation package and there are no other costs associated with the tour. As an example: if your party includes a total of 5 people then the total cost of your package would be the base price of $11,995 + 3 (additional people) X $2,395 for a total cost of $19,180.

Your traveling bed and breakfast tour includes two crew members who will also occupy the RV to serve your needs 24/7. One crew member is a commercially licensed driver who will be driving the RV and chauffeuring you in a minivan. The other crew member is a trained chef and steward. Both are very knowledgeable and highly trained to make sure you and your party are enjoying the vacation experience of a lifetime.

2)  Policy and rebates

First you should know that you can save 5% of your total cost if you reserve a trip for the following year. For example, if you reserve a trip for 5 people as in the example above but for the following year, your total cost would be $18,180 - 5% ($910) = $17,270. No other taxes or fees are necessary. You should note that while all meals during your tour are included, alcoholic beverages are not included - we can procure your selected alcoholic beverages but you are required to pay for these separately.

During your trip, we will be eating dinner at a fine-dining restaurant at each of the 3 legs of the tour. At some locations we have more than one restaurant to choose from or, it is possible to receive a rebate of $40 per person if you choose to dine at a different establishment. The same kind of rebate applies for a breakfast or lunch meal at the rate of $15 per person. Keep in mind that a meal rebate applies to the entire party and not to any individual members.

Other special rebates may apply to substantial changes in the itinerary. For example, during several tours taken to the Sierra Nevada mountains in 2018, we could not visit one or more of the national parks due to forest fires in the area. On each of those occasions the touring party received a $500 rebate to compensate for the loss of that part of the itinerary. The tours are not cut short in these cases, we simply spend more time at another part of the itinerary or completely replace it with an alternate event.

3)  Customized and special tours

While we feel we have created a set of great road trips that are designed to deliver maximized value in experiential vacations, it is possible to customize a vacation package to meet your preferences. For example, you might want to attend an event that lasts a week or more at a specific location in California such as the Olive Festival in the Sonoma and Napa valleys or an event in southern California.

Or, you may be interested in a very specialized trip like what we were able to put together for an Oregon university that was a month-long trip to several archeological dig-sites including taking along some very special scientific equipment for use at the dig-site in remote locations.

It is possible to arrange for two or more RVs to be used during your vacation package at a slight discount. whatever your needs are we are sure that you can design the perfect trip through consultation with our very knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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What people are saying about our experiential vacation tours...

"Without a doubt, the most exciting, relaxing,
care-free travel I have ever experienced."   - Kerry M. (United Kingdom)

"Hiking at Yosemite and Sequoia was breath-takingly beautiful
but I think the kids had the most fun at Bass Lake where
they went water skiing, horseback riding and fishing."   - Anna G. (Ohio)

"The best family vacation ever! - I would recommend this trip
for everyone."   - Sharron L. (Canada)

"I have heard that the new trend in vacation leisure is
experiential travel and roadtripbnb is exactly what they are
talking about."   - James P. (New York)

"It was such a peaceful vacation traveling the wine country
that my husband and I have booked again for 2019."   - Lucy S. (Washington)

"Since we returned from our trip I have been such a nuisance to all my freinds
raving about RoadTrip B&B that one of them actually wants to
go with us in a second RV next summer."   - Jenny R. (Idaho)

"We have been to America a couple of times for our vacation
but this was very special for my children. We had such fun
and we got to know many people with a deeper experience."   - Noriko F. (Japan)